Monday, 13 January 2014

成人の日 (Seijin no Hi)

This post is for Nic, Bekah and Raychel. Thanks for always being there (on our first trip to Japan, and now, through the wonder called a smartphone. I feel like going for seijinshiki means that I went as our representative. 


As you may or may not know (well, if you have +R. K. MacPherson in your circles you will know) that today is seijin no hi. It's basically a celebration for all the people who are turning 20 in one specific year. And guess what? Today's my year!

So, since I'm living in Japan and all that, I decided to splurge and rent a kimono to attend the ceremony. I got up early this morning to do my hair and everything.

And due to the combined hard work of Iwashita-san, the makeup lady (who has a tough job, considering that I don't like makeup and the lady who helped me to put on the kimono, I ended up like this:

And they helped me take the photo :D 
Thanks so much :')

And by the way, my hairdresser is... I don't know what the English word is, and the only word I can think of is 灵 (ling, which incidentally is part of my Chinese name) which means, according to the dictionary, "quick, alert, efficacious, effective, spirit, departed soul, coffin." Whoops, that took a dark turn. Oh well, I'm probably using the word wrongly. All I know is that as soon as he started to do my hair, he commented "Oh, you washed and dried your hair yesterday" and he was right.

But he did an awesome job on my hair ^^
I finished in the morning, yet by the time Long Fei, Hazel and I got to the hall, the ceremony had already started. Although I didn't realise it at first, because this:

I do believe that most people spent the entire ceremony outside instead.

The theme for this year was 感謝 (kansha - thankfulness) and the ceremony was actually better than I expected (then again, I expected a really boring ceremony).

We entered during the opening act. 
After the ceremony, we braved the crowds again and went to a nearby Karaoke where we sang for about two and a half hours.

This is us braving the crowd. I asked one of
the professional photographers to help me take a picture
using my camera(; 
The only thing of note about the karaoke is that I found one of the songs that my little brother wanted to sing the last time he was here.

Wait, or is this the song that I wanted to sing to my brother but couldn't find?

We ended pretty late, which is how we stumbled upon some pretty illuminations, and of course, we took photos there too.

I was really tired by the time I got back, but getting out of the furisode and undoing my hair was way more complicated than I expected (I spent about two plus hours putting it on, I suppose expecting to take it off in two minutes is delusional).

This is just for my hair. The thing on the left is supposed to add volume.
At first, I didn't really know if I wanted to spend the money for a furisode and go to seijinshiki, But I'm really glad I did.

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