For Monbukagakusho (MEXT) Scholars

Hey there fellow scholar!

Here, are all the posts I've made about the MEXT scholarship. If there's anything I've left out, or if there's anything you want to know, let me know and I'll try to answer your questions! (And perhaps I should make a FAQ page too?)

Please remember that all these posts reflect my personal experience. You may experience something quite different (especially for the application, and especially if you're from a different country). If you want to share your experience, please feel free to comment or email me*. And I welcome guest posts as well (if you're going to Osaka gaidai, even better! I'd love to know more).

Blog Posts
Introduction (The Application Process)
Pre-Arrival Information (for Tokyo University of Foreign Studies students)
The Dorm Room at TUFS (Picture Heavy)
University Presentations 
Post-Exam Write Up (Reflections on eight months of TUFS)
University Posting (Preliminary)
Kyushu University (Kyudai): Year 1
Kyudai Year 1 Semester 2
Kyushu University Lesson Review: 日本事情
Introducing QREC
Choosing my ゼミ (Part 1)
ゼミresults (Part 2)
A Note on the MEXT Scholarship Amount and Groceries 
Making Friends in Japan

Guests Posts
Osaka U-Program (Guest post by Devangi)

House Hunting for Students
How To Renew Your Visa
How to Change Your Phone Carrier
Shukatsu (Job hunting) Seminar Notes
How to Get a Job in Japan (Q&A Format)
How to Live on a Budget
How I Got My Driver's License

Question and Answer Time!
Frequently Asked Questions: Geared towards the application process (and a little bit about life in TUFS
Frequently Asked Questions Part II: Geared towards life in Japan during the language year.
Frequently Asked Questions Part III: There are three sections - scholarship, life in Japan, university related things and personal matters. Some answers to previous FAQs were updated here, so do check it out as well.
Frequently Asked Questions Part IV: Odds and ends. But I do cover the question of applying for the scholarship while in NS.
Please Do NOT Ask Me These Questions (These are questions that I can not answer - and at the end, I do tell you which questions I love to answer!)
Please look at these three pages before emailing/commenting with questions(:

Fellow scholar Inas has also made an FAQ video! Check it out on Youtube here.

The Monbusho Scholarship and How to go Study in Japan: My friend Austin over at Tofugu shares his advice, go read it!
Inas is an Indonesian scholar who got the MEXT scholarship and started vlogging! If you don't like reading my (quite often) wordy posts, you should check out her YouTube channel. You can read my introduction of her here.
With a Leap of Faith: My cousin Charmaine is also a MEXT scholar (whooo it runs in the family [maybe]), and she's studying in Osaka now!
-> Also, my cousin just recorded some sample lectures, why don't you give them a try?
MEXT Past Year Papers: Many people have asked me for it, and up till now, I didn't have the link. However, Rodolfo from Mexico sent it to me, and then Brandon from Singapore sent me the updated link, so if you want to thank someone, thank them. ^^
Japan, Through Seasons and Time: A Blog by another MEXT scholar! Her language school was Osaka University!

Disclaimer: I am just a MEXT scholar student, and while I can try to give advice, I cannot assure you that what I say will come true. This is especially so if you're from a country other than Singapore as I have no idea what the selection process is like in your country. 

*Note: A few of you have found my Facebook page and messaged me through Facebook. Please be aware that these messages normally go straight to the "Other" inbox, which I rarely check. In any case, my Facebook is for friends and family, so if you want to chat, please email me, leave a comment or use Google+ (If you're messaging me through Google+, please let me know you're here from this blog. If it's just a "hi" I probably won't reply)! I will definitely get back to you as soon as possible. Please do NOT message my Facebook, I won't reply.