Keiko-san's Story (free Ebook)


Here, I want to share a free ebook that I wrote and if you read it and liked it, or even reviewed it, you can email me about it or leave a comment. Feedback is always appreciated. Right now, it's only on Smashwords as Keiko-san's Story: An Account of the Minamata Tragedy.

Book description:

Four years ago, I came back from Japan full of ideas. But due to my short-term memory and general inertia, most ideas fizzled out, save one - to type out Keiko-san's story.

Let's have a little flashback: at the time of the trip, most of us were concerned mainly with anime, JPop and the typical teenage stuff. But we grew serious at times. Once at the Nagasaki Peace Memorial, and the other, at the Minamata Disease Municipal Museum.

When I got back, I was full of starry, albeit vague, ambitions about making a difference in the lives of the sufferers. But the most I got was to circulate the story I typed/transcribed among our small group. Nothing concrete came out of it.

But now, four years later, thanks to the power of Smashwords, I managed to get the story out. Yup, the story is basically what I heard those years ago, transcribed onto the computer and now, out in the internet. And since I played no part in this story, this is naturally free. You're reading the book now.

If you want more backstory, you can read my blog post here (sorry it links to another blog, this blog wasn't up yet)


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